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Our sustainability solutions emphasize green building principles, the use of renewable energy sources, and ecologically acceptable building materials in this age of environmental awareness.

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The protector of the law’s integrity in real estate transactions is our legal team. They carefully handle the legal complexities, guaranteeing complete compliance with laws and protecting the interests of our clients.

Be the best at everything.

Don’t just be the best in the real estate business; be the best compared to other industries. Remember that customers are rating you based on the excellent, friendly service they received this morning and the speed of response they just received. 

Real estate is a people business, and poor customer service will threaten the most important relationships in your business. If there is not a good relationship between you and your clients, it won't be easy to find someone who wants to work with you in the future, considerably limiting your chances of achieving real estate success.

It is always a good idea to keep the names of all your clients, including potential ones, in a database. That way, you will be able to follow up on the contact, and access to their information and important dates will be easily identifiable.

Answer questions immediately

An hour can feel like a year when the client communicates with you electronically or by text message. If a potential client contacts a real estate agent for the first time and has yet to receive a response that same morning or afternoon, they will likely decide to look for another agent.

Make the customer your main focus

True personal service is what will set your brand apart. Seek to achieve a true rapprochement with your client. Consider that sometimes clients want to avoid having deep interactions with their real estate advisor; everything will depend on their personality and how busy they are at that moment, so pay attention and act according to the situation.

Show them how important they are to you.

The process of selling or buying a house is very important and full of feelings for clients, so during the process, you will be able to establish a cordial and pleasant relationship with them. To improve it, we recommend planning one or two annual events where your clients, their friends and family attend to maintain and strengthen ties. Remember, it’s not just about closing; and it’s about being there for customers whenever they need us in the future.

Stay up to date with virtual reality technology

As technology related to virtual reality advances, the home-buying experience will improve significantly. The customer doesn’t have to do anything more than put on the headset to meet with their real estate agent or tour a home, all from their current home or office. We’re just scratching the surface of what virtual reality can do for the real estate industry, and it’s best to be prepared.

Transmits sincerity

Making sales is a top priority. But you can’t treat your customers like just another transaction. There are more things to do. For example, we have to be diligent about the little things

Customers sometimes need to learn what they want. If they don’t know, ask them guiding questions to find out what they want. By answering these questions, you can find out more about your client’s hidden needs. It can help you better understand preferences.

The job of a service company is to help you solve your problems. So don’t give easy answers to your customers’ questions. Rather, it is important to give practical suggestions, such as how to clean the interior of the house to make it more salable or how to improve the curb appeal of the house or property.

At each stage of the process, let your clients know what you are doing. If you are selling a home, let the client know what you are doing to sell the property.

The client will not call you to ask for information. 

Present In The Technological Aspect

As part of the characteristics present in our real estate agents at Quincy, we are committed to technological advances and apply them in the different stages of the buying-selling or rental process. Therefore, our agents manage clients through a CRM as well as monitor their tasks and communicate with owners, buyers or tenants. They also use applications that serve to improve the presentation of their properties and are present on social networks.

They are clear that, first of all, they must listen to their clients because this way, they will be able to truly understand what their needs, desires, and dispositions are when carrying out real estate management. You listen, are patient and ask.

They are full of passion for their work because they really love and are passionate about what they do, and that is reflected in each step of the process and, therefore, in the quality of the real estate service we offer.

They demonstrate and commit the rest of the team and their clients. They maintain fluid and constant communication and carry out actions that seek the good of their clients.

In the context of real estate, there are many ethical considerations when it comes to using an agent, which can range from taking into account the agent’s experience to knowing how to work with a broker who doesn’t have your best interests in mind.

There are two types of contracts, exclusive or non-exclusive, which allow you to do business with one or more agents for the same property.

Different agents have different styles. For example, some agents are very aggressive when trying to close a deal, while others are more patient and reserved. Take the time to find out what type of agent you are looking for to ensure you are using everyone’s time effectively.


A real estate agent is the ideal person to be with you in the purchase or sale of your home. He is the one who will help you make the best decisions in this important process. Learn about the advantages you will have by having a real estate expert.

Real estate agents have access to the best real estate projects. Information that you can have at your fingertips will be very helpful in making decisions.

The real estate agent will be present at all times of the process, in charge of monitoring the steps taken to achieve its successful closure. Its purpose is to save time during the negotiation.  

He is the right person to guide you and show you the best prices. They will be able to tell you the estimated costs of a property. They are always based on the areas and characteristics of the same. This way, you transform this process into something fun and fast.

Attending meetings on time

Communicating regularly with our customers and meeting their expectations.